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At our school we start teaching English in Year 1. The first years can choose it as language elective. Their classbook is called  Happy House . They learn using pictures, they connect, colour in and most of all SPEAK , SPEAK AND SING.

Year 2 uses the Happy House 2 classbook.

In Year 3 they all have English three times per week. Their classbook is called Happy Street 1.

Year 4 uses the Happy Street 2 (New Edition) classbook.

From Year 5 to Year 9 we use the Project 1,2,3,5 classbooks.

We have 2 language labs where the classes take turns according to the timetable. They can use videos, read English books and find some vocabulary in numerous dictionaries. Our students love working with smartboards and using the iTools. They can also work with their magazines Hello! and R+R.



OXFORD readers competition

22/11/2012 17:02
In the enclosed file you can find information about Oxford readers competition. Books from...

Global Christmas Card Exchange

22/11/2012 17:01
All our students can take part in Global Christmas Card Exchange. Just design a Xmas card...