Our school

Our school is called Základní škola Benešov, Dukelská 1818.

It is quite a big school with more than 600 students and about 45 teachers. The children are aged 6-15, in each year there are 3 classes.


This is the school logo:


We begin our tour in the headteacher‘ s office. Our headteacher‘ s name is Hana Procházková. We also have 2 deputies.

Our school has got a new library. It is a place where both students and teachers can meet and study. There is a lot of technology they can use and books and magazines they can borrow. It is a popular place.


Most children and teachers have lunch in the school canteen. They can choose from 3 dishes. There is a big choice of drinks, too.



Our students do not have to wear uniforms but they have to change as soon as they come to school. They have large lockable cloakrooms where they take off their shoes and jackets. They have to wear slippers at school. They are not very happy about it.


P.E. is usually a favourite subject. It is compulsory for everyone and in every year. In year 6 children can start attending class with more lessons of PE than usual. But they have to pass entrance exams and their marks and behaviour have to be good.

We have a big new gym.



Children in our school support charities. They sponsor the education of a little boy from India. They also sponsor an animal in the ZOO in Prague. They regularly take part in competitions. Not all of them are Sports or Maths competitions. They are also involved in recycling of reusable material such as paper, aluminium, batteries…etc.



Our trophies:          


Computers and ICT are an important part of school life. Our school has two ICT labs. Many classrooms have smart boards or data projectors. Our language labs are nice. We often display the work of our students on large boards.


Corridors and staircases are full of works of art of our students. We have various displays of eTwinning and Comenius projects our students take part in.


The school year is from September to June. We have 2 weeks holidays for Christmas, 1 week off in February and a few days for Easter. Our summer break is 2 months long. School year is divided into two terms. At the end of each term children receive school report with marks from their subjects.


School day always starts at 8 a.m. Each period has 45 minutes and there is a 10 minute break between each period. The only exception is a snack break after second period. It is 20 minutes long. Children in Years 1-4 usually have 4 lessons a day. Older children usually have 5 lessons a day, sometimes they also have afternoon lessons.


Our school also has an after school club for young children. They can play there, do their homework or take part in various sports activities.


Our school clubs include Chess Club, Pottery, Floorball, Drama, First Aid etc.