Life snaps

Take photos and get ready for Maturita!

Bridge Photo Competition 2012/2013

Photography is a specific artistic way of looking at the world. Now try to find out how much art there can be in the general Maturita topics!


Have a look at the list of 15 general topics below and take a photograph related to one of them. Then describe the photo in English – what you can see in it, when and where it was taken, what the atmosphere is, and what your feelings are about the pictured scene. Try to imagine that you see the picture for the first time – just like students describing pictures when sitting the Maturita exam. Your description must have approximately 150–200 words. Both photos and descriptions will be evaluated.

• Personal identification
• Family
• Housing and living
• Everyday life
• Education
• Free time and entertainment
• Interpersonal relationships
• Travel and transportation
• Health and hygiene
• Food
• Shopping
• Work and professions
• Services
• Society
• Geography and nature

Competition rules
• Email your photograph (in JPG format, minimum size 1,000 pixels for the longer side) to
and put “Photo” as the subject of your email.
• Write the topic and description of your photo in the body of your email. Don't forget to mention your full name, the name and address of your school and the name of your English teacher.
• The deadline is March 1, 2013.

Apple iPad2
Nintendo Wii video game console
HUAWEI Ideos X5 smartphone
Amazon Kindle 4 e-book reader
Olympus VG-170 camera
Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 WIN photo editing programme
Lenco Xemio 955 4GB mp3 and video player
2x photography book Josef Sudek: "Still Lifes"
3x Lexicon 5 electronic dictionary
50x Lingea slang dictionary and electronic dictionary
20x Bridge magazine subscription, pens, key chains, bottles